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9.5% Annual Investment Return Since 2000, Versus 5.7% from the S&P 500

...according to the Hulbert Financial Digest and Mark Hulbert, the independent watch dog of the newsletter industry. Hulbert consistently ranks Sound Advice as one of the top performing newsletters In the country for its performance In both up and down markets since March 2000.

These results did not come from a few lucky calls. Our proprietary indicators have a long history of accuracy which tracks back to the 1970s. They are based on very sensitive economic indicators which reveal the most appropriate strategy for upcoming market conditions. We know when we can be very aggressive and, more importantly, when not to be.

For example, in March 2008, a few months before the stock market crash, our stock market indicators flashed a warning signal. After the crash was over, our stock market indicators gave us the green light In April 2009. The market subsequently climbed over 60 percent.

Back In 2000, very close to the peak of the roaring bull market of the 1990s, our indicators flashed a signal, warning subscribers to adjust their portfolios. As a result of these adjustments, Sound Advice subscribers made substantial profits while the market plunged 40%.

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